The 'Mead Hall'

The 'Mead Hall''

URBAN TRENDS  - 'Mead Hall'


The ‘Mead Hall’ is one of our favourites.
“Mead Hall” - an ancient Viking feasting hall.

This very ‘hip’ apron offers unique strapping that gives it an incredibly trendy Urban feel.

Choose a variety of ways to make your ‘Mead Hall’ your very own.  Simply choose from our specially selected “Urban Trend’ fabrics, apply some unique hardware and accessories and lastly toss on your unique branding option from our selection of decoration options and you have just created a fantastic Urban Trend.

The ‘Mead Hall’ is your ‘all in’ Urban Trend
The options are countless! 

Application:  Branding, web-stores, restaurants and storefront….’n so much More!