The 'Norseman'

Urban Trend ‘Norseman’

You asked and we listened!  

Early Scandinavian settlers, the ‘Norse’ known to be a hearty lot and today are the basis of many pop culture literary movies Norse mythology in popular culture

We love the ‘Norseman’…the name itself is great, the apron same…such a versatile apron. Think" target="_blank" title="">craft breweries, food stablishments and so much more!

The Norseman apron you will find wears like an amazing pair of jeans - generous and comfortable and with time becomes better with age - such great taste.

What makes this Urban Trend special is that it offers maximum comfort and plenty of 
opportunity for decoration.

Begin the process, simply choose your Urban Trend apron, select from our unique Urban Trend fabrics, add some hardware or accessories and you have made Urban Trend history!  
Suggestions:  Have fun with great graphics ... the possibilities are endless!